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Solar Panel Installations

Cyber House have teamed up with Solar & Renewable Technologies to offer a supply and install service for Solar panels, oil and gas boilers, heat pumps, underfloor heating systems etc. in the Lenister Area. Our team members are based in Dalkey (S. Co. Dublin), Rathdrum (Wicklow), Navan (Kildare), Trim (Meath) and Malahide (N. Co. Dublin)

Note our telephone number has changed to 01-8997133

Site Surveys enquiries to 086-7842808 (John O'Connell)
Management / Scheduling enquiries to 086-3807914 (Fergus Wheatley)
Technical enquiries to 086-8783151 (Niall MacCaughley)
LED lighting enquiries to 087-2349366 (Brian Kelly)
Directions of our Offices in Glasnevin

Become a reference site - and get a reduced cost installation - and free wine!

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for a reduced cost installation. We pass on heavy discounts if you agree to become a reference site in an area. As a thank you for showing strangers around your solar system we will give you a bottle of wine for everybody we put in touch with you. One of the lads is a wine buff and likes to show off a bit, so it will be a very nice bottle!

Start a Solar Cluster - and get a free installation!

Also it is a lot cheaper for us to install solar panels in serval houses in the same area (with a 2.5km radius). If you can sign up 4 installations to happen "back-to-back", we will install a 5th system FREE OF CHARGE. This 5th system supplied Free of Charge, is the size of the smallest system of the 4 houses, however it can also be upgraded to a much larger system for very little extra cost (normally 100's of Euro, rather than 1000's of Euro).

Solar & Renewable Technologies have written the book on Solar Panel Installations

Solar & Renewable Technologies have co-authored the Solar Installers Training Manual published by Action Renewables. This manual is now used by the FETAC approved training academies for installers being training to SEAI (SEI) standards. They have also been asked to update the U.K. equivalent BPEC course material.

Summaries of the course material is available on the companion website; Solar Panel Training Manual