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Advantages of Underfloor heating

Old fashioned "radiators" in contrast only emit about half their energy through radiant heat, the remainder is emitted through convection currents, where the hot air rises and warm air currents (drafts) mix the air in the room. Underfloor heating by contrast emits all its heat by infra-red radiation which feels far more comfortable. Also there are no convection current drafts.

  • Ideal temperature distribution.
  • Floor warmest part in the room, NOT the ceiling (where nobody sits).
  • Low opertating temperatures which makes it easier to operate boilers in their high efficiency condensating mode.
  • No radiators are needed, so less room clutter.
  • The hot surface burn possibility has been removed.

Disadvantages of Underfloor heating

  • Cost, slightly more expensive than radiators.
  • Subsequent changes are very difficult.
  • Slower to react because of the heat storage in the floor. Lighter screeds help this. Also time clocks can be adjusted to turn on an hour earlier to compensate.