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Solar Panel Outputs

However a true comparison between panels can only be made when the system outputs are simulated and compared.

Simulation comparisons

Using the T-Sol simulator, a number of different systems were simulated.

30 high efficiency vacuum tubes (Aperture Area: 3.23 m2)
40 Sydney tubes (Aperture Area: 3.77 m2)
2 x 2m2 Flat plate (Aperture Area: 4.03 m2)

All the products are chosen to be representative of each collector type.

Boundary Conditions:

Roof Angle 30, West to East
300 litre high quality dual coil cylinder with 50mm of 0.025W/m2 insulation (e.g. PU foam)
Internal pipe run: 8 metre flow and 8 metre return pipe run in 15mm copper with 19mm of 0.045W/m2 insulation.
External pipe run: 0.5m exposed (outside) pipework insulated to same standard.
Water usage: 250 litres per day at 45C using the profile "Detached House (evening max)".